funoooo 發表於 2010-10-5 10:11:59

Modd EOS 350D for sale (Sold)

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I get this one from LT, and haven't to use.


"With 1 original battery, 1 3rd-party battery, charger, CD-ROM, Manual and box included, but no CF card.

The price is HK$2000. Shutter count should be between 3000 and 5000. Body condition is good to excellent.

If interested, please send me PM or just give me a call for reservation.


singpaul 發表於 2010-10-5 18:28:37

HEHE~ sorry~ what mean Modd?

funoooo 發表於 2010-10-5 21:07:31

已經改了 Filter 專供天文拍攝之用.
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