funoooo 發表於 2010-9-1 08:28:45

[Sold] Meade LX-200 8" GPS + Field De-Rotator

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Meade LX-200 8" GPS + Field De-Rotator


賣鏡原因:移情別戀, 籌集資金。 :cry:
1. Meade LX-200 8" GPS
2. Finder
3. Field De-Rotator (Brand New) 都未有時間實際研究如何用!
4. JMI Carry Case

BillYeung 發表於 2010-9-2 08:37:50

Dear funoooo,

I am very interested, Pls email me at [email protected]

funoooo 發表於 2010-9-2 16:28:41

Dear Bill,

I'm in China now. Let me take the photo this weekend, then send it to you. Can you wait a while? Thanks.

BillYeung 發表於 2010-9-3 00:18:59

OK. No rush.

funoooo 發表於 2010-9-6 17:44:26

Dear Bill,
I have send the photo to you.
The microfocuser and piggyback are not sold to you. I need them.

BillYeung 發表於 2010-9-7 00:34:40

Dear Funoooo,

I could not made up my mind yet. Other interested parties pls feel free to bid too.

funoooo 發表於 2010-10-20 11:11:03

PUSH! %[email protected]
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