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[ Sold ] 二手 Astro-tech 106LE 望遠鏡

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RMB 7850 + 200 運費. = RMB 8050.
現在 9折 賣 = RMB 7245 (HK$8340.00) 運到香港。


carfield 發表於 2010-2-19 18:48:42

what is the shortest focus length? is it make sense to use this kind of len for bird photographic? Given I am ok for manual focus.

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A Review of the Astro-Tech AT106 EDT Refractor.


Aperture 106mm
Focal Length 690mm
Focal Ratio F6.5
Primary Lens TMB Triplet design with one element made from Extra high Dispersion Japanese
Ohara FPL-53 glass with a collimatable lens cell
Focus Mechanism Dual speed Crayford with calibration marks on the focus tube. The whole focus
assembly can be rotated through 360°
Weight 6Kg
Length Dew Shield retracted 615mm
Dew Shield extended 698mm

The specification is almost the same. The only different is the focuser.

For the bird graphic, I have no idea. I never to take the bird picture. My main purpose is star picture only.

If you are interesting, please PM to me. We can make the arrangement to take a look the scope.
You can come to my office to take a look. The office address is on the website.

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若屆時仍未售出,可否帶同此鏡出席三月六至七日 「香港天文學會第一次認真格鏡大會 」


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4# WCYue

三月六日仍未知能否出席. 要去女兒預備進去幼稚園分享會.

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