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What is "tired light cosmology" and why it not prevailing ?

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There are still a few theorists in this world who favor “tired light cosmology” rather than the Big Bang Theory which is based on the concept of space expansion. Below are some references for the tired light cosmology.

***** The “principle” of tired light

***** This paper shows a new red shift distance relationship, z = HD/(1 - HD/2) which is derived from the Compton effect interpretation of the cosmological red shift.
(You need to understand firstly what is Compton effect (also called Compton scattering) before you are able to digest this paper.)

***** CMB explained by Tired Light

***** The bad news is that most scientists do not accept the “tired light” because it fails too much in observational tests. See this link

*****There is also a Discussion Forum on Tired light vs Big Bang. A very good comment is said by

Tin1098Tin or (other followers) can make use of this forum to publish his invention of "Hubble second law". 建議 Tin 君在這外國論壇發表他自創的 XX 第二定律。


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