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Full Moon 2019 11 12

雖然尚未踏正滿月時刻, 但見浮雲已覆蓋半邊天空, 並且正撲向月亮. 正是一鳥在手, 好過百鳥在林, 立即搶拍. Full Moon, HKT 2019/11/12, 20h05m, Telescope: Astro Physics, Star 12ED, D=12cm, F.L.=102cm, Prime Focus, Losmandy G-11 Equatorial Mount with motordrive. Canon EOS 300D Camera, ISO 100, 1/320 sec exposure. JPG Format,Automatic white balance. Atmospheric Transparent : 8/10, Seeing :8/10, 11 in 20frames is stacked and wavelet adjustment by RegiStax 6, Color saturation doneby GIMP 70%x 2. Final adjustment by Microsoft Photo.Equipment borrowed from Mr. Ng. Photo is takenat Kennedy Town 堅尼地城, Hong Kong.
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