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懸崖 Leibig.

另一晚太陽漸高的濕海, 海的西邊有一條明亮懸崖 Leibig.Sea of Wet, 2019/11/10HKT: 19h18m, Telescope TEC Maksutov-Cassegrain MC200/20, D=20cm, F.L.= 400cm,Losmandy G-11 Equatorial Mount with motor drive. Camera QHY 5III 224 Color Cam,frame size 1280 x 960 px, Shoot at Gain=35, Expo= 0.35 ms/frame, Gamma=112,frame rate=23 - 27 frames/sec, avi format, stack and process 40% best in 823frames, with Software AutoStakkert 3 , wavelet with RegiStax V.6, final touchby Microsoft Photo, Atmospheric condition : Transparent : 8/10, Seeing : 8/10.Equipment borrowed from Mr. Ng. Photo taken at Kennedy Town 堅尼地城, Hong Kong.
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