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獵戶座與它身旁的巴納德環 , 是獵戶座 M42大星雲在誕生數以百計新生恆星後, 它們強勁的恆星風把未形成恆星的氣體吹到很遠 , 再受恆星的紫外線激勵發光而被觀看到 .
Barnard’s Nebula in Constellation Orion , 2017/12/16, HKT 01h55m ,
Canon ESO700D Camera, IR Low pass filter removed. Canon Zoom Lens EF 18-55mm, Set at f.l. 27 mm, f/4, , ISO800, Exposure 240 sec. for each frame. With motor drived Halley Equatorial Mounting . Atmospheric transparent : 7/10, Seeing : 8/10. Manual Object Targeting. Increasing brightness of each frames first, then stacked and processed by free soft- ware Deep Sky Stacker with 2 Light frames. Taken at台灣大雪山賓館 (水平高度2275公尺),Tai Chung, Tai Wan.
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