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靈魂星雲 及心臟星雲

靈魂星雲(上) 及心臟星雲(下), 兩個星雲都在7500光年以外的英仙座旋臂之中 , 皆為發射星雲 , 因其中新生的恆星激發附近的氫氣雲 , 發出獨特的紅光而被大家看到 . 其名稱取自近似物件 .Heart Nebula and Soul Nebula ,2017/12/15, HKT 01h25m to 01h45m,Canon ESO700D Camera, IR Low passfilter removed. Canon Zoom Lens EF 50-200mm, Set atf.l. 200 mm, f/5.6, , ISO 800, Exposure 240 sec.for each frame.With motor drive Halley Equatorial Mounting.Atmospherictransparent : 8/10, Seeing : 8/10.ManualObject Targeting. Processed andstacked by free soft- ware Deep Sky Stacker with 6 Light frames, 5 Dark frames,12 Bias frames, 8 Flat frames. Post processing by Microsoft Office PhotoSoftware. Taken at台灣大雪山賓館 (水平高度2275公尺),Tai Chung, Tai Wan.
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